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Nationwide Day of Action / Día de acción nacional

We are fighting for all immigrants, Justice for #AllOfUs. Presidente Joe Biden has taken the first step after years of organizing, but now the White House and Congress must back it up. Immigrant workers have been essential during this pandemic.

You can’t be essential if you’re deportable. Legalize essential workers-NOW! #WeAreHome

CAN activists, with many others from CASA and other partners, gathered at the base of the Washington Monument to celebrate a new administration and Congress. While thanking the Biden Administration for rolling back the Muslim and African Bans and instituting a moratorium on most deportations, activists demanded more action: protection and a path to citizenship for essential workers, DACA and TPS holders; family reunification; reversal of Trump’s interior enforcement machine and detention apparatus in ICE.

You can view a video of the event here.

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