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CAN Shows Up to Support DACA Protections

Thanks to the many CAN members who showed up in support of our siblings who rallied at the Supreme Court on Nov. 12 to demand DACA protections stay in place.

Showing up for the Supreme Court rally is just one way the Congregation Action Network acted in solidarity to support DACA recipients.

Solidarity With Marchers

On Sun., Nov. 10, DACA recipients and TPS holders marching from New York City to DC, gathered some additional supporters in Hyattsville, MD, on their last stop before arriving at the Supreme Court. Many CAN members were among the marchers on that last leg.

Supporting Marchers With Meals and Housing

CAN members First Trinity and Luther Place stepped up to offer housing to the DACA/TPS marchers once they got to DC. Thanks to these generous congregations.

Many individual members responded to the call to prepare more than 100 meals for the marchers staying at the churches.

Testifying to the Power of DACA

Seventeen CAN congregations spread the word to their congregations about the power of DACA on Nov. 9 and 10 by inviting young DACA recipients to offer their stories at their services. Thanks to these congregations for this powerful support.

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