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We Celebrate and We Grieve

We have much to celebrate following Binsar Siahaan's habeas hearing on Friday, October 2 ... and much to keep working for! The first important ruling: the judge ordered Binsar NOT be deported until all of his appeal options for his asylum case are exhausted. The second important ruling: the judge ordered that Binsar should be taken out of Georgia and returned to detention in Maryland within 14 days. We are relieved for the order to get him out of Georgia and back where he is closer to his family and community.

THANK YOU! These victories would not have happened without a nationwide commitment of nearly 14,000 signatures on petitions to ICE and DHS,  persistent phone calls and tweets to Members of Congress, and your willingness to support Binsar and his family at our actions last week. HOWEVER, the judge did not order for Binsar’s immediate release from detention. While we celebrate the protection from deportation at this time and are hopeful for his return to Maryland, we grieve with Binsar’s family and the Glenmont UMC community that he won’t be released immediately. The attorney and our #FreeBinsar Organizing Team are strategizing to get Binsar out of detention once he is back in Maryland. We will keep everyone updated on ways to organize and advocate for his release. We know we can only free Binsar with our continued powerful, coordinated, collective efforts! There is still a road to travel, but we reached a good place on Friday. Binsar’s family and the Glenmont UMC community want to express great gratitude for all you have been doing. What a beautiful community. Now we celebrate and rest, and get back up for whatever will be ours to do in the coming days-- in this situation and in all the places where we are called into action.

With gratitude for all your efforts, Omar Angel Perez CAN Lead Organizer

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